3 buttons/layers of information and user must view all before proceding to next slide.

Please point me to an example of the set up for this common "UI" 

Basic informational UI approach

This informational slide is divided into 3 sections. Base layer displays 3 buttons, each linked to a layer.  The user must view all sections before going forward.  

Should the set up force user to select the sections in a set order (guessing that's the easiest scenario)?

When/where to have a trigger to enable the disabled Next button?

The solution is probably elementary and logical...  but it is Friday.





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Walt Hamilton


Here are some ideas. One allows the user to choose the navigation (including when to move on). One allows the user to navigate, but forces completion. The final one forces the user to complete the steps in order before moving on.  They all include a next button, and (my personal preference) a custom next button.

It is all pretty primitive so that the navigation and logic is not obscured.