3 Newbie questions: (user guide, question feedback)--Thanks in advance!

1)  Storyline 360 user guide:  The search panel (upper right) seems to search the "e-learning heros" and "articulate support," but not the user guide itself (strange behavior).  Is there a way to search the user guide?  Also, is there an index?

Furthermore, if I go into one of the help files, there is no button that I can find to take me to the main index that I can see.  If I click "storyline," I am taken to "E-learning heros" and "articulate support," with no way to gack to the main table of contents.


2)  Question feedback: I was messing around with a question I created to learn how to create questions. It was a multiple choice question with two answers.   I accidentally somehow switched the two feedback layers so "correct" and "incorrect" were wrongly matched.  The triggers have "submit multiple choice" and I couldn't figure out where to go edit this to change the page to jump to upon clicking.  If I right-click and edit a response option there is "Action,", "when," and "conditions," but nothing about where to jump to. 

I fixed this by editing the radio buttons so that I swapped "Radio Button 1" with "Radio Button 2," but this is a kludge.  How do I edit the "submit multiple choice" so that I can directly change where to jump to after each choice?


3)  Is there a way to change the default points in a new question from 10 to e.g. 1?

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Andy Banga

Hi Geoffrey,

Thanks for the detailed inquiry! Please see my insights below.

1. I understand your point about the search behavior. To help you with that, please see the Storyline 360 User Guide dashboard to easily access the list of user guides. After clicking a content, you may go back to the main page or navigate other content by using the list panel on the right part of the page. For searching, I would recommend using the search function (CTRL + F) of the browser to look for a specific topic from the main content.

Moreover, you may check the Storyline 360 Support Directory to browse all Storyline 360 articles.

2. The Submit button of a Graded question slide will automatically show the Correct/Incorrect layer after verifying the learner’s answer. That being said, the adjustments can be done by determining the correct and incorrect responses instead of changing the trigger function for the Submit button. You may get further details from this guide about Editing Questions in Form View.

3. You may manually change the default points by switching to Form View. Depending on how you assign points, this can either be adjusted at the Feedback section or beside the answer choice. For more information, please see this guide on how to Assign Points in Form View.

I hope you find this information useful.

Walt Hamilton

2. It sounds ot me like you are saying that you marked the answers , and the correct answer shows the Incorrect feedback layer. If so, Andy is right, you don't want the trouble you will get into messing with the triggers. "Submit multiple choice" invokes a whole suite of activities that you can't see or change.  Among other things, if the learner chooses the option you have marked as correct, after the interaction is finished with all its fooling around, it shows the Correct layer. 

What I think you probably (if I understand your description correctly) want is to first delete all the triggers you created. Then go to form view, and choose the correct response. If that doesn't work, your best bet is to delete the slide and start over.  The best practice with Correct and Incorrect layers is to allow them to show naturally.  Then if you want to customize them, go to the feedback master, create a new layout to your satisfaction. After creating the question. open The Correct layer, right click on it, choose layout, and select your layout. That way you don't mess up the built-in magic.

If it is just the text on the feedback you want to change, you can change that on the individual layers.  Or to change the default text, go to player, choose text labels, and change the "That is incorrect"  and the "You are correct" labels.

3. I'm not sure you can change the default value. You have to change it for each individual question after you create them.