3 Text Entry filed


I am working on Text Entry filed there are 3 Text Entry

1. First name
2. Last name
3. Email.

we have start button at bottom right so here the requirement is untill unless after entering all 3 fields the start button should be in active State.

it will be very help full if some once help me out i am attching the screen short for reference.

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Katie Riggio

Hey Hari,

Thanks for your post!

It sounds like you need to require learners to enter text in all 3 text-entry fields before they can advance. Here's one approach for your design:

  1. For your custom start button that jumps to the next slide when clicked, add this trigger: Change state of start button to disabled when the timeline starts on this slide
  2. For each of your 3 text-entry fields, add this trigger: Change state of start button to normal when TextEntry1 changes on the condition that the value of TextEntry1, TextEntry1, and TextEntry1 does not equal blank (ignore case). Repeat two more times for TextEntry2 and TextEntry3.

See the working demo in this Review 360 link, and download the source file below.

Let me know if that's what you had in mind!