30 seconds not 30 seconds?

I have a file where I've imported a swf file. I've also set an audio file of 30 seconds of silence and set a variable so that when a user clicks the next button if the audio has not completed they receive a message saying they need to view the complete demonstration. When the audio completes users will be able to click the next button to move on to the next slide of the course. The 30 seconds of audio seems to run a lot longer than 30 seconds. If you open the file it is the slide labeled CAF Initiation. It's the first demonstration in the presentation.

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James Brandwood

Jesse I think I have been having a similar issue when syncing audio, video and interactions. The other day I had screen capture that ran for about 26 second but didn't occur until about 40 second into the slide. I had audio to match up and interactions that had to occur at a certain point so I picked out how far into the video this was and placed it on the timeline (adding 40 seconds) and then previewed.

It was a long way out, probably 3 seconds. I had a few of these to do and ended up ignoring the timeline as it couldn't be trusted. I don't know which was out, the timeline on the audio editor or on the slide, but they certainly don't match.

I had suspected this in earlier training I had made but this was the first time I have tried to sync by time - To get around it I just previewed and counted about how far it was out and moved it by that much.  

I know I am not being helpful but my advice is just do it by ear and don't worry about the timeline.

Jesse Kramer

I think I figured it out. For some reason Storyline was adding time to the timeline, not the audio file. When scrolled down the time line I found it stopping at 300 seconds. When I dragged the time line back to the proper 30 second mark everything worked exactly as a I expected. This also explained why my trigger was not working properly. That works fine now too.