360 Course Runs slow on the LMS


I have a client with an Articulate 360 course that has a lot of lag time between screens.   Their course has a lot of audio, interactivity, branching.  Its 105MB.  They are also running the course on VPN.  Is the slowness between slides an issue with 360 or the file size and running over VPN?  Anything I can do to speed things up in the Publish settings?  I did not experience this issue when I was reviewing the course from my local drive or Articulate Review.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Vanessa - I would venture to say it's the way they are viewing the course. You did mention LMS though, so a good test would be to test the content via SCORM Cloud and see if you experience any of the reported behavior. If so, we would want to take a look, but if not - I'd look to the user set-up/viewing environment.