360 Issues: Issue #2 Blurry Screen Recordings


I am having issues with my recordings being blurry. Here is the scoop:

They are records as slides, not a video 

They  look fine, until I make a change to something, example: editing the slide and removing the buttons

When viewed, they will either, look normal, then go blurry, or be blurry and then look normal. 

It doesn't seem to make a difference if it is done in view mode or try mode. I use both.

I do not believe this has to do with screen resolution, as I have tried many and it has made no difference. I make my resolution the same size as my recording screen, not full size. and like I mentioned, it will start out okay, then the slide will turn blurry, then the next slide will look fine, then when you click something, it will go blurry... for example.

This is very hard on the eyes and... horrible ... any help is appreciated!



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Bryan Frame

Hi Sarah... for video editing I like Camtasia.

For your project:  I would resize the monitor picture to have the inside (where you are pasting your screenshot) to be 16:9.  Then do your screen recordings at that aspect ratio.  Starting with the end (size/ratio) in mind helps me get crisp, clean screen recordings.  As Crystal stated, its best not to resize at all, however, you can get away with more if you are scaling and not skewing... hope this helps!

pietro zappaterra


still same issue here:

- record screen function

- video on a single slide

in preview mode the video is crisp but as soon as published it gets blurry. see attachment

Following the suggestions above, I tried to capture the video with the same resolution as the slide it will end up but the capture are would be too small (I need to capture the full size screen and later work on some areas with the zoom)

any hints if not a resolution of this common issue?


Leslie McKerchie

Hello Pietro and welcome to E-Learning Heroes :) 

Thanks for reaching out and letting us know what you are experiencing in your course.

When you were able to use the same size/resolution, did the issue of blurriness go away?

Have you taken a look at adjusting your slide size to accommodate a larger screen recording?

With your permission, I'd like to have you share your project file with our support team here to investigate what's happening. They will delete it when they're done troubleshooting.

Danielle Schisler

Although adjusting the slide size might help with screen recordings, I would caution people that if they're using the classic player, they might need to adjust the size of the text in their players if their slide size ends up a lot larger. And unfortunately, adjusting the size of the text in the player has caused different issues for me.

I currently have a support ticket out that was determined to be a bug where the increased text size in the player was cutting off the text in the tabs on the menu. I'm not sure where they're at with this bug - I submitted it early last year and still can't get an update.

SO, if you have a menu in the sidebar with tabs, be aware that the text might end up cut off if you increase the player text size too much to match up with your increased story size.