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Leslie McKerchie

Hello Bob - I must admit that I'm not fully following your question here.

If you are curious about publishing Storyline 360 content, you may want to check out this article.

There are multiple files within the zipped published output, which we do not support the modification of, but it's not just .swf files for sure.

Are you having difficulty with something we can assist with? I'd love to understand a bit better what you're asking :)

Bob O'Donnell

Hi Leslie, For my question... I was trying to find out if all the page info was set in HTML or if it was hidden in other code. I'm not having any difficulties. Thanks.

I got some information from an Articulate online chat that pointed me in a few directions. I also downloaded the demo copy of the program and output a sample page to review the content.

One of our government clients wishes to convert some old Flash courses to HTML and they were a looking for a program to do it PLUS make the courses Section 508 compliant.

It looks like you guys made a bunch of improvements to 360. The 508 issue is still a work in progress. Its a real thorn in our side during development.

I might test the program out some more and see how it fairs with our 508 folks before making any recommendations. In terms of what the client wants, 360 might be a good fit for what they are attempting to do.

BTW - On a personal level, I love using Articulate. Its fun and easy to develop programs.