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Susi B

Hi Catherine,

only if an other user made a comment you can add this user to a new comment you make and he/she gets an E-Mail information about this. :) So if no one has already joined your review project you can´t add someone. As far as I know. I was curious about this too in our first Review project and tried the same you did. :) Would be nice if you could add a person (e-mail of this person) before they are joining the project like an "invitation". Just like the google docs you can share with only some e-mails or to everyone who knows the link.

Hope that made sense. :D


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Catherine and Susi,

If you type in the comments section of the Review and start with @ someone's name who is on your team or email address - that would send them the notification where they could access the Review course as well.

The little man with the + sign will also allow you to tag anyone on your 360 teams account.