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Oct 19, 2017


It is WONDERFUL that the products have gone "cloud", however, I have one thing that annoys me. I'm putting this post into the "Storyline" category, but it is cross-product.

Sometimes I need to quickly go in and make a change, yet I am forced to make a software update first. Sometimes this is just not what's needed by me, or the client.

Please could we have some sort of "Update later" option for the products? I'd like to be in control of the times that I do things in my business, and I find it irksome that I need to make updates at times that sometimes just don't suit my objectives, not matter how much they suit those of Articulate.

Hope you can see where I'm coming from here..I still love the product(s) :)

Thanks for listening.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Kerry,

The updates are pushed out with 4 hours of the initial release, so if you don't see it as an option right away I'd recommend that if you don't see an Update button yet, sign out of the desktop app, then sign back in to force the new update to appear.

If you're still having difficulty with installing the latest update reach out to our Support Engineers here. They'll be happy to help with next steps! 

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