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Michael Hinze
Nicholas Weismantel

Holy moly!  that is awesome!  Question.  Can you create interactions with it?  

To be clear, I didn't CREATE that model, I LINKED to its URL via a webobject. I'm not 100% sure about SketchFab, but using a tool like Unity3D you can create interactive models, export them and then link them to Storyline.

Nicholas Weismantel


As promised I wanted to share my project.  Just an FYI... this is a quick 'ROUGH DRAFT' and there is an "interaction" in it :)  But I just wanted to joke around a bit! :)   Anyways, let me know what you think. 

Here is how I did it. 

I took a png of each frame on a 3D animation in Blender.  Then I added each image to a separate layer.  Each trigger was. 

Show layer

When slider moves

is slide is equal to #

I had 36 images and had to create 36 slider triggers.  Then an interaction can be added to each layer.  My example is the character telling everyone how I kicked 3D interactions butt :)  But of course, if it is a product, anything can be added in so many ways. 


Michael Hinze

Hi Nicholas, that's cool, thanks for sharing! In the examples I have done, I always added the various 'frames' of the animation to custom states of an image object, rather than putting them on layers. But then again, there is always more than one way in Storyline to achieve the same result. Good luck with your project!


Hi Nicholas !

Could you share your .story of your first link (Tesla Model) ?

I'm trying to add a sketchfab player in my project and i don't know how to do..  I already tried to put an embed link in a web object but it's not working. It blocks on "Loading 3D model" and it's like if it was an image and not the true player..

I'm really interested by your version with interaction but your link is dead, could you share it again ?

Thank you !



I found my problem, i had to export with HTML5, it's not working on CD export

I'm still very interested by your version with interaction :)


Alexander Spep

Hi!  I have incomprehensible problem when I insert a 3D model that I put on the sketchfab.com.
This is a very simple model for testing: https://skfb.ly/6txQ6
I paste it on the slide as a Web-object and this object is not displayed on the slide after publishing.
Maybe I can use the embed-codes in the SL? How?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Alexander!

Thanks for sharing that link so that we could take a look. I'm getting an error about the frame if I include the web object within the slide. 

You can correct this by allowing the web object to open in a new window. 

Here is my published output and the sample file is attached.

Alexander Spep

Hello Leslie!

Thanks for your help!
Unfortunately it is forbidden to open other sites in new windows from the e-learning courses, this is a strict customer's requirement.
I found an acceptable solution. It can not be called elegant, but it works. It is possible to insert the 3D model as a video (using not the URL, but the embedding code).

This is a short screencast: https://youtu.be/kR_vW3uczXw

Have a nice day!

Crystal Horn

Hi there, Teju!  Some third party tools were used to create 3d models which were then hosted in Storyline in the above examples.

If you liked a certain example shared above in this discussion, please feel free to reach out directly to the person who posted it!  You can use the Contact Me option by clicking on their name.