3D web browser plugins? HELP!!!!

Jul 03, 2012

Hi, I have produced a html page that has an embeded 3D viewer window to view 3D content in realtime.

It requires a web browser pluggin to be installed to run the 3D viewer.

This all works fine if I run it directly by clicking the .html file.

However  I want to add this web page as a web object with in Articulate. I can test it and view it as a preview in articulate and it works perfect the problem comes when I have published it out of articulate as html it doesn't work it starts stating that it needs the 3D viewer web browser pluggin installed same happens when I export as a .exe. Any ideas?

I was thinking that I need some code in the Articulate player .html file that tells it to load the 3D Viewer and where to find it installed.

Or does Articulate Player not work great with web browser pluggins?

I know I can run 3D PDF's in articulate but that is not what I need, it has to run the 3D content through the 3D viewer.

Any solutions would be great!



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mark nunn

Hi Brian,

Thanks for your reply. I've attached the html with it's assets.Best click the Untitled.html to start with and then install the Cortona3D Viewer web browser plugin to view the 3D content in the web browser.

If you could try and add this html within Storyline as a web object and then publish to web. You should then replicate the problem of the 3D viewer not working even though you have the web browser plugin (cortona3D) viewer installed.

Good Luck hope you find the solution.


Brian Batt

Hi Mark,

Can you test the file that I published via the link below?


It works as expected for me in Chrome and Firefox.  However, it doesn't work in IE.  For some reason, IE isn't asking to enable ActiveX Controls like it does when you launch the content by itself.  I'll submit the issue over to our dev team for review.

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