4-point Data Capture

I have built a personality assessment e-Learning using AS3 and the results of my 4 communication styles display as percentages.  (I can attach the file.)

My users are not especially tech savvy and are spread all across the city at all of the Credit Union branches. Any Ideas on how to capture the 4 results into the LMS? Is this possible?

We are using the CPD LMS offered by CUNA that is basically the SumTotal LMS.

 (We are also considering using Microsoft Power Apps because the data collection appears to be more robust but the design functionality is not nearly as clean as Sotryline 3.)

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Jeff Forrer

I took a look, it looks like you are setting the first option correct for every question, and then if the user gets 80% of those questions correct that you selected for the Results Slide , they get a "Completed", if not then "Incomplete" sent to the LMS, that should work now.

If you want to send the value of your four vars A, B, C and D, you can do that, you will need to Get/Set those values from/to your LMS using a trigger with JavaScript 

If you are looking for the JS to do this let me know, there are some examples as well on this forum. This will need to be written based on credentials with your LMS.

David Kolmer

@Jeff Forrer, thanks so much for the response. I am not skilled in JavaScript.

I really appreciate your offer. 

I am going to try to utilize the widget below for now and see how that goes. It seems like less work and there is no need to keep this information in our LMS. If I can't seem to figure it out then I will reach out to you for your advice.

Thank You,


Nicholas Soldatenko

Sounds like something wasn't done right, mine work in all browsers. And I don't believe a browser should even matter since it's javascript, it's the same everywhere. I would either retrace all the steps to make sure nothing was missed or post it as a question for support: https://cluelabs.com/community/forum/