508 again: JAWS reader view of storyline

I had my sample course reviewed and have been told that the screen-reader does not immediately start reading the text on a new slide when it opens. This is apparenltly a problem. I thought the user would just "tab" over to it but now I'm told the program should be set up so the reader immediately finds the first text, without tabbing.

Does anyone know a way around this?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Terry,

I don't know if Jon is still active in the forums but you could try to message him using the "contact me" button on his profile. As I understand our 508 output and documentation, you will need to tab to the elements to gain the focus, but it likely would begin by reading your course title when you've opened it. I'd also recommend that you ensure you're using a supported browser for Storyline and for your screen reader. For example, I know Jaws only supports the latest version of IE and the latest version of Jaws. 

Jon DeMartino

Hello Terry- I'm afraid I never did find a solution. I've stopped offering  508-compliant courses because I didn't think I could ever prove the output was really compliant.  I'm probably too old a dog to learn so many new tricks. :-) I wish you luck with it and, if you do figure this one out, please post again so others, including me, can find out what the problem was. I'm curious.