508 Compliance and storyboard design

Hello Everyone,

It has come to our attention that our elearning storyboards have not had elements included that are necessary for 508 compliance (US government regulations).  We are going back into the storyboards of completed courses to add alt-text and d-links. I am looking for advice about various aspects of doing this--how to know what needs alt-text and what doesn't, or d-links, etc. and if there is some simple way to do this.  Your advice will be greatly appreciated!!

Thank you!

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Christie Pollick

Hi, Carrie -- Thanks so much for reaching out! While I am not an expert on 508 compliance and would need to defer to your fellow community members to assist with more specific questions, I did want to pass along the following 508-related resources in case you would like to take a look:

Hope that helps a bit! 

Julie Stelter

HI Carrie,

When I have clients who need to be 508 compliant, I reference this article, particularly page 2 http://www.learningsolutionsmag.com/articles/253/section-508-your-questions-answered/page2. This page focuses on questions like the one you asked, "When do I use an alt tag and when do I use a d-link?" and much more. I don't think in terms of what Storyline can do but rather focus on the design and meeting the 508 standards.

Much of the requirements of 508 compliance can be easily designed within the storyboard, making the development much easier. Unfortunately, you are having to work backwards which escalates the amount of work. Use the article referenced as a checklist and audit the storyboards with these things in mind. Hopefully, you'll have less work than what you anticipate.