508 compliance tutorials, 17 months and still waiting

Nov 22, 2013

Hello gurus and fellow travelers on the road to e-learning. I first asked about getting a set of tutorials to help us with 508 compliance on June 22, 2012. I've been pulled away to other projects and am about to get back to using Presenter and Storyline again.

I know Presenter is not 508 compliant but since Storyline is advertised to be able to be used to create compliant courses and since the marketing leads the customer to believe one does not have to be an instructional-media guru to use the software, it would be only fair to provide those of us laboring in this field with some specific guidelines and a tutorial packaged specific for 508 compliance. Am I expecting too much or have I somehow missed the tutorial in my search of the site this evening?

If there is still no such tutorial, I have to say I am very disappointed.

What's the story? Are you unable to provide this information because you can't figure out how to get started or is the software not really capable of being used in this way?

Even a few tutorials on the basics would give us some hope that the complete set will be coming at some point.

Come on guys! How about showing us how to get Storyline to live up to its marketing??? You'll have to excuse my attitude this evening but this is really ridiculous.

I hope the tutorials are here somewhere and I just can't find them. If so I'll gladly apologize.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Jon,

I don't believe there is a particular tutorial on achieving 508 compliance, as full compliance of Section 508 will vary by organization. Thus, additional steps beyond what this article provides may be necessary (e.g., accounting for video captioning, interactive scenarios, etc.). This article and the methods described there provide guidance on how to create a Section 508 compliant course. 

The information on Storyline's 508 compliance is available here, and this table breaks down individual elements that meet the requirements. 

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