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Katie Riggio

Hi Sherri,

Welcome to the eLearning heroes community!

I found a demo here that showcases 508 compliant slides built with Storyline.

I also want to share some articles and tutorials you may find helpful for ensuring 508 compliance in Storyline:

I hope this helps, and will open the floor to your fellow members – a lot of whom are well-versed in this subject – and may be able to share some specific PDF examples and guidelines!

Bob O'Donnell

No matter what you do in Storyline, you still need to use Adobe Acrobat to create a compliant PDF file. Storyline isn't going to export a completely compliant file. It will publish your file with text and screen shots of each slide. It doesn't cover any animations or builds if you've created those types of slides. It does an interesting thing with question slides as it displays the question and additionally inserts the question answer table from the Form View. For some reason it drops the question stem. I also just noticed it drops the Try Again text.

So, fixing the PDF to be compliant will depend upon what you have in your Storyline file, how picky your client is about what they expect,  and how proficient you are with Acrobat.

If your slides are a straight text & image page turner, you're half way there. If there's a lot of image reveals and animations you'll need to get creative. Try it out and see what you get.

Unless someone has better way; I exported to Word, exported Word to PDF, then opened in Acrobat and ran the Full accessibility check and looked over what got flagged as not passing. Printing seems to give you the same file structure.

I'll have our resident expert look at the file later and see if she notes anything different.

Sherri Dosher

I just saw these responses! Thank you Katie for the Articulate perspective and Bob thank you very much for the specific user details - that is very helpful. There was some question as to whether I would have to provide it, but I just got confirmation today that the client does indeed want a pdf version of the course. So,  the information you have given is timely and anything else you can provide would be extremely helpful.