508 screen-reader questions

Mar 07, 2013

I have a few questions that are a result of my trying to create a 508-compliant sample course in Storyline. I have no screen-reader but am using the tab key to see what will be picked up by the reader.

1. In the results slide for a Quizmaker quiz that I imported, the success and failure screens are rendered as layers #2 & #3 on the results slide, which is layer #1. Both the "Congatulations, you passed" and the "Sorry, you failed" text boxes that appear on the slide in these two layers are not static but they fly in, which is not compliant; as I understand 508, all components must be visible on the screen from the get-go. I tried deleting the two text boxes and creating new ones but they still fly in. On the time line, they are set to be there at the beginning and the animation icon at the top is set to "none" for these text boxes. Does anyone know how I can eliminate the animation?

2. When a screen-reader client uses the tab key to go through and to submit their answer on a Quizmaker slide, do I have to cue them to hit "Tab" again to see the feedback pop-up or will they do that automatically after submitting a response? If I have to cue them, I can add a (nearly) invisible text box just for the screen reader to pick up.

3. On a non Quizmaker, non-scored, slide, I have a questions and two buttons with answers on them. Each button triggers a layer where a text box appears with feedback for their choice. I have set the feedback text boxes to be visible, but when I tab through, the yellow box remains on the question/button when the feedbck appears so I can't tell if the screen-reader will pick it up. IImage below...the yellow box didn't come through in the screen snip but I drew one for you. When they click the "read the label" button, the yellow box remains on the button when the text box appears.

 4. In Articulate a "finish" button appears as a choice on the results screen of a Quizmaker quiz. I usually set the quiz to "close" when finished and the client's LMS folks take it from there. I don't see a finish button on the one I imported. Can I change the text on one of the other buttons or on the navigation (prev/next) to be "finish" and can I link to a url from there?

I think that's it for now. I look forward to your responses.



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