508 Tabbing and Layers

Jul 22, 2019

We are in the process of working through our SCORM courses to make them 508 compliant - I am having issues. When I go to tabbing and set up what I want and set the triggers....etc, it isn't doing what I believe it should - BUT that could be because I am going about this all wrong. Does anyone have any insight to help with this....a majority of my courses have layers/interactions....HELP!

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Julie Stelter

Hi Wendy,

When I open up the tab order for slide 2.2. The tab order is set to go to the briefcase first and then the subheading privacy rule goals and then back to the briefcase direction. So the tab key skips the title of the slide and all of the bullet points and subheadings on the base layer because they are no longer on the list. You'll need to put them back in. You'll have to check how the screen reader reads a group of text to make sure it reads all of the bullets in that group as text. Otherwise, you'll need alt text for the groups. 

For the briefcase, use the direction onscreen as the alt text and do not include that directional textbox in the tab order. Then place the 4 items from the case layer in sequential order.

You'll have quite a lot of items in the tab order because each of your bullets is a separate textbox. Is there a reason why you did this?

Here to help,



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