6 out of 10 answers must be correct. But in total 45 - How to solve?

Hi there,

the learner must complete 60 quiz questions spread over 6 categories which has 10 questions each.

He is successful if he completes at least 6 correct answers in each category AND has 45 correct questions in total. That means 7,5 questions in average for each category.

Additionally I have a drag and drop question after that 60 quiz questions. 

I already have on each slide of all questions a variable that counts the correct answers. For each category an own variable.
So I would like to send the "Completed" statement of my xAPI to the LMS depending on this set of variables that works fine.

BUT the score variables (Results.ScorePoints ...) of the result slide hinders me from that because it must be set to some fix percentage.

How can I let the TinCan Module be completed without the Results.ScorePoints....



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Thorsten H.

Solved it. SL allows to relate more than one result slide to the same quiz question.

It is working with 8 result slides. Each category gets its own result slide with passing score 60% and relating to the last 10 questions of the category.

After those I added a result slide relating to those all 60 questions with passing score 75 % (45 of 60 correct). 

Finally I added a last result slide that is checking that all result slides are passed. 

Lauren Connelly

Hi there Thorsten!

Sorry, you didn't receive a response! One of the easiest ways to get help from other community members is to also provide a file where you seeing the snag. Not to worry, I'm happy to step in!

When you say the completed status isn't correct, are you noticing that a passing score is marked as failing? Or how is completion tracked in the LMS?

If you're comfortable sharing your file, you can either attach it to this discussion or upload it using this secure upload link! Either way, I'll report back with my findings!