64-Bit Storyline 360

Is there a way to access a 64-bit version of Storyline 360? I noticed what I have installed through the 360 suite is only 32-bit and I'm finding that I may be reaching a ceiling with performance while developing my courses. I click on pretty much anything in the app and have to wait a full second before Storyline 360 responds. This has slowed my production down significantly. I was wondering if there's a way to get a 64-bit version or if anyone is having a similar issue.


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Ruth Berta López Gangas

Me pregunto cuando se va a liberar una versión de 64 bits de storyline? me parece una vergüenza que la aplicación aún no esté disponible para sistemas 64bit. Tengo un equipo con 16GB de RAM y no puedo sacarle provecho ya que la aplicación de 32bit de articulates no es capaz de moverse en el en proyectos grandes.

Ruth Berta López Gangas

Gracias por responder Leslie.

Entiendo que no se pueda informar sobre esto, pero es algo muy necesario. Los proyectos cada vez son más elaborados y grandes, por lo tanto, necesitas de una aplicación que use al 100% el potencial del hardware de un computador, una app de 32bit siempre tendrá sus límites. Creo que muchos al igual que yo, pagamos una suscripción y esperamos que el software sea lo mejor, no quiero decir que no lo sea, ya que es un software genial, pero se debe mejorar.



Rob Puricelli

64 bit support is essential and I am surprised it hasn't been forthcoming. 64 bit application support is far from new and virtually every application these days features it. Without it, the application can't fully address the resources of the host system. I am currently running Storyline on a quad core Xeon CPU, 32GB RAM and 5GB graphics card and it performs no better than it does on my old i5 laptop.

With eLearning becoming ever more media intensive, 64 bit support is desperately needed.

I have submitted a feature request and am ever hopeful.

Robert Gregory

We have also been having issues once the 2GB Memory usage strikes in Storyline 360 for over a year. Regular crashes and inability to save work has become a major limiting factor in our school-wide curriculum projects. We're having to cull most media embedding, amongst many other workarounds, just to try and keep the file sizes smaller. A real problem. Please prioritise 64-bit program development.

Vincent Scoma

Hi Jan, 

I wanted to reach out and share an update about the duplicated media issue. 

We just launched the newest version of Storyline 360 (Build 3.35.20995.0) this morning, which fixed the duplicated media issue! 

The next step is to update Storyline 360 by heading to your Articulate 360 desktop app and clicking "Update" next to Storyline 360.

As always, we are happy to answer any questions you have by posting in this discussion or reach out to our Support Engineers directly.

Travis Slusser

It has been over a year since this post an still no updates of a 64-bit version. My computer is incredibly powerful and yet struggles to do even the most basic operation. From duplicating shapes, to adjusting the length of a line. Nothing but the glorious red 'x' and crashing. We pay a lot of money to use this software. Fix it instead of creating new applications and raising the overall cost. I remember when Articulate was very 'pro-user' now all they want is money. Shame. 

Ren Gomez

Hi Travis,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your feedback.

A 64-bit version of Storyline 360 is still on our roadmap, but our team has been working on performance improvements to the memory and speed with the 32-bit version. We’ve also enhanced the UI since accessibility has been our key focus. 

Since you're running into issues doing basic actions, do you know if this is file specific, or is this happening across the board? You're welcome to connect with a support engineer anytime to share your file so we can take a more in-depth look and provide some help!

Travis Slusser

It is happening across the board. I have discussed this with fellow 360 users and it is unanimous that those with 32-bit machines (regardless of computer specs) encounter far less errors/lag/overall program sluggishness than those who have powerful 64-bit machines. It is just unfortunate that programs like After Effects and Blender run as smooth as can be....and Storyline functions as though it is running up hill with 300lbs on its back. Hopefully Articulate addresses these issues. 

Rob Puricelli
Travis Slusser

It is happening across the board. I have discussed this with fellow 360 users and it is unanimous that those with 32-bit machines (regardless of computer specs) encounter far less errors/lag/overall program sluggishness than those who have powerful 64-bit machines. It is just unfortunate that programs like After Effects and Blender run as smooth as can be....and Storyline functions as though it is running up hill with 300lbs on its back. Hopefully Articulate addresses these issues. 

I have to say that I'm having a very similar experience to Travis. Last year I managed to persuade my boss to sign off on a powerful desktop unit specifically to handle more CPU intensive workloads such as video renders. Storyline 360 was already a bit quirky on my 64-bit laptop but never intrusively so. When my Xeon-based desktop arrived with a 32GB RAM and fast SSD's, I figured Storyline would fly. Instead it feels more like it is plummeting earthward.

I have raised these issues directly with Articulate's CTO, who I met a couple of years back at a roadshow, and was told that a 64-bit version was some way down the list of priorities. This didn't fill me with confidence and if Articulate's priorities are performance improvements, I would suggest this is a significant candidate for those efforts.

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric, and welcome to E-Learning Heroes. 😊

This feature has not made it on our roadmap yet. This conversation is attached so that we can share any updates with you here in the future.

Articulate 360 Feature Roadmap

In the meantime, I've opened a support case on your behalf so that you can work directly with one of our support engineers on optimizing your software.

Rob Puricelli

I find it staggering that after this issue was raised over four years ago, a 64bit version of Storyline is still NOT on the roadmap, and yet new features, which are always welcome but will increase the demands on system resources are. 360 degree images? Very cool but almost certainly going to eat up RAM if done properly and if Storyline can't address above 2GB, this feature is going to be pointless.

I've gone back and forth with tech support, as have many others, and we are still no nearer to having a version of this software that is designed for the computers and operating systems of today (or even years ago). Colleagues in my team are reporting numerous issues with painfully slow performance and crashes, and the number of users reporting here is also concerning. Even when a user demonstrates clearly that a lack of ability to address the full system resource is causing an issue, we get told by Articulate that they can't replicate that issue and we should get in touch with a support rep with the general solution being to create a new project file and copy content into it.

I'm sorry, but I don't have the time to nanny an application that can't keep up with basic workflows. When the application stutters and wobbles at the simplest tasks, that then destroys any form of accuracy when moving, resizing or placing objects, it drives you to resort to dumbing down the experience you are looking to create for the end user, simply to ensure you can get projects finished on time for end users. It is stifling creativity rather than setting it free.

Speaking solely from my team's experience, we are increasingly disillusioned with the Storyline application to the point where we have begun investigating the painful solution of transitioning to other tools, simply because they perform as expected. This would involve huge costs and ramp up time, but we're not able to see any other alternative.

I've even reached out to Tom and Articulate's CTO, neither of whom have even had the decency to respond, even if it were to fob me off with another excuse.

I am sorry if the tone of my post here is overtly negative, but that mirrors my experience with Storyline over the last few years.

I implore your development team to reconsider the roadmap and deliver an ROI to us, the end users.

Travis Slusser

So perfectly stated. Sadly our organization is already dug in and would take a lot of money/time to change. So they have us by the spheres (if you will). Most HR reps are going to be pleased with this program because it'll run perfect on their office computer from 2014 and they can make 'interactive power-point'. 

For graphic designers and advanced content creators...it does seem like it is time to explore other options. Sad because Articulate seemed to be going in the right direction. I kid you not I am currently 3D modeling in blender in FHD without any lags. However....Storyline....yeah at least a 5 second delay on any position adjustment and red x's. Makes it virtually impossible to use at points. 

Eric Richko

Hi Leslie, thank you for responding.  I'm still getting this error sometimes and lately happening more and more.  Right now I made some updates to a large project and I can't save it.  I don't know what to do as I don't want to close the program without saving and lose all my work.  Seriously need to go 64 bit.  Considering how much money between all the licenses we have and all your other clients pay, I can't believe Storyline isn't 64 bit yet.

Becca Levan

Hello Eric, 

Oh no, I'm so sorry you're facing this. I see you were working in a case with my teammate Carlo. We're you able to try the steps Carlo recommended as a next step? I made a note in your case that you're still having trouble, and my teammate will reach out soon to follow up. Stay tuned; help is on the way!

Eric Richko

I'm still getting the error "The project file could not be saved.  Your system appears to be low on memory.  Please close other programs and try again."  I've tried everything, usually saving as a new file name helps, but this time nothing is working.  I'm scared of losing all my work.  I don't know what to do.  All the mentioned troubleshooting steps are not working for me.

Becca Levan

Eric, I'm sorry you've still been facing this, and I want to get you the help you need to resolve this, which is working directly with our support engineers. 

  • What version of Storyline 3 are you on so I can relay this info in your case? Just go to the Help tab in Storyline 3, then click About Storyline. If you haven't updated to the most up-to-date version just yet, here's how to do that.

I've made a note in your case letting my team know you're at a loss and worried about losing your work. One of my teammates will reach out to you soon to continue troubleshooting this with you!