_SetValue1 cmi.interactions error

Hi there,

I've created a quiz in Storyline and when I publish it to our LMS and get to the Submit button I receive a message from webpage that reads:

"_SetValue1 cmi.interactions1.description : An unexpected error occurred while trying to communicate with the server.  Please exit and try again."  OK button at the end.

Any idea what is causing this error?  I've gone over the quiz many times and can't seem to figure out why this error is displaying.



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Keith Doney


You must be using SCORM 2004 since descriptions are not supported in 2.1. I'm not positive but I believe the interaction description is the question text itself. Is there anything unusual about the question text? Perhaps you could test it by changing the question text to something simple like "ABCD" to see if the problem disappears.

Another suggestion would be to try the quiz in SCORM.com. It is a helpful environment for figuring out errors like this since you can easily see the debug logs for all package/LMS communication.