A Better Solution for Importing Adobe SVG to Articulate Storyline


I am hoping to find a better solution for importing an Adobe SVG file into Articulate Storyline.

First I want to mention that I was successfully able to bring my SVG file into Storyline.  My problem is the shapes in my SVG file lose their fill and stroke color during the transition between the programs.

I am using the process from a video by Mark Spermon.  He achieves this by using PowerPoint as a "go-between" Abode Illustrator and Articulate Storyline.

You can view his video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TLNndWBAviA


Below is a link to a Rise Course with a walkthrough video of my process.  Here you will see all the steps I am taking so you can see a visual representation of the problem I am having.



I would love to know if anyone has found a solution to this problem or if there is a process that retains the fill and stroke color to the SVG shapes?


Thank You!


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