a bug (?) with states

I'm building an interaction that simulates a GUI. The GUI has buttons with hover and down states. I have recreated the button in storyline (3). The hover state is larger than the down state. When I click to engage the down state, the hover state stays up underneath it, so the button is displaying hover and down at the same time.

Seems a bit buggy.

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Alex,

The 'Down' state happens on top of the 'Hover' state, since the mouse is still on top of the button. In essence, you'll still see the Hover state even when the button is clicked. 

If you don't mind sharing a sample slide with the button, the community can help you rework the states so that 'Hover' doesn't show when the button is clicked.  You can attach the file in a new thread comment.