A button that opens and closes


I'm creating a storyline project that has a video. For accessibility purposes I am including a transcript.

I currently have a button, that once clicked on changes the state to 'reveal' which shows the transcript (scrolling panel), also on the same button click, there is an animation that moves the transcript into view.

When previewing the project, the triggers and functions work as expected the first time. I can select the transcript button, the transcript is revealed. Once I select the transcript button again it hides.

If I try an open the transcript button for the second time, the 'closing' animation/ function happens and you cannot read the text.


Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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Michael Hinze

Maybe my idea is too simplistic for your purposes, but have a look at the attached. I use a button to toggle a True/False variable. Based on that variable, I move the transcript panel up/down. I wonder though why you don't use the built-in closed captions and CC button in Storyline 3/360. Here is some info.