A button to activate triggers for multiple objects

I'm trying to build a fairly complicated scenario, but I'm hoping to do it as "simply" as possible. Basically, I need the user to select items on the page, press the submit button, and then be shown the results (which will vary according to which boxes were selected).  The idea is that the items are courses already taken by the user, and the result is a display of a chart (picture) that shows the courses already taken and the courses that still need to be taken to finish the program. So the results will vary for each user and with a different combination of items. 

I have the results on the same layer with all result-object initial states set to hidden.  The result-objects are:

  • a picture of the program chart - all table boxes are empty (white)
  • gray rectangles to overlap table boxes on the chart - these represent the courses taken

I've set up my choice -objects (courses taken) as objects with three states:normal, hover, and selected.  I have a submit button which activates all triggers/changes - mostly using variables: change state of result-object to normal if choice-object  state is selected. 

Is there any way that I can use the submit button to toggle between hidden/normal states when the choice-objects are selected and unselected?


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Justyna Szluinska

Thanks for the suggestions.  My "simple" project has now evolved into a rather complex interaction.  Because I have 6 levels of training that is possible, I have set up 6 pages for each one.  Each of the six pages has a set of course taken buttons.  I used the triggers "show/hide layer" with conditions "if state is equal to selected/not equal to selected" ... I also removed the submit button and assigned the triggers to individual course taken buttons ... and it works quite well. 

However ....

My new challenge is to use a slide master and put the courses taken buttons there (rather than having 6 independent versions of them).  I'd like for the user to be able to go between pages (the 6 different levels of training) and the courses taken to remain selected (or unselected) throughout the project.  I'm in the process of setting up the variables, but I'm not sure how to go about this in the simplest way. 

I've set up a new post to ask this question:


Any help would be much much much appreciated :)

Thanks again for the above suggestions.