A couple issues with my html published course

I have been working on a template for our course ware and I have run into a couple issues that I have not been able to find a solution for.  I am wondering if there is any kind of work around to fix these issues:

When I am running the HTML5 published version on Internet explorer, the Menu drop down does not work properly on the right side.  When clicked it becomes a very small scrollable field.  I have attached an image to show what it is doing after it has been clicked.

Also, I have created a replay button to replay the frame.  This button I have made to go to a replay frame that goes to previous frame on timeline start.  It works great in most circumstances. But it does not work in Firefox.  It looks as if it loads everything in firefox correctly for the beginning of the frame, but then gets stuck in playing the audio. It does a continuous loading spinner.  So to fix this I tried to look at storyline code to figure out a better replay method.  I ended up finding some javascript for replaying a frame. so I made the button call this function on click: player.restart();
This ended up working great at first until I realized it only worked if I did it while the audio was still playing. If I try to use this after the audio has completed, it does the infinite loading spinner again.  Is it a known issue for audio to not correctly replay in firefox? and if so is there a work around?

EDIT: Also, for more information, I am running Storyline 2 on Update 4: 1501.717

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Christopher Sullivan


I have discovered a work around to make the drop down menu work in Internet Explorer.  The following code in the file player.css is the problem:

overflow-x: hidden;
white-space: nowrap;
text-overflow: ellipsis;
-webkit-transform: translate3d(0,0,0);

By removing the line:
overflow-x: hidden;
it works perfectly in IE again.

I still have not found a solution to the other problem at this time.

Christopher Sullivan

I have tested this both in web version on the web and LMS version on our company LMS.

I have also just found a work around for replaying the frame in firefox.  instead of putting "go to previous frame" on timeline start, if you set the replay frame to "go to previous frame" when timeline reaches 0.25 seconds the audio will work correctly.  Although this does slow down the time it takes to replay the frame.