A couple of cool ideas (if I say so myself), and help please

Apr 05, 2013


I've attached four slides from two different sections of a 70 slide training program (that I'm nearly finished, thank goodness).

I haven't included the buggy slide because I would have had to include too much of the program, but I'm hoping for some suggestions:

You'll see there is a photo album. Each page turn is a different video I created in ppt.

They all work fine except one (not included). On one of the slides/pages the video will replay when the learner clicks anywhere on the video. It isn't a huge problem because it doesn't interfere with the flow of the program, and most people probably aren't likely to click randomly on the video. It is annoying though because it isn't happening on any of the other slides.

Anyone have any clues as to why it could be doing this?

Finally, the photo resolution was great when I test published it on my computer, but when I uploaded the published file to the Articulate test share, the pictures have lost a lot of resolution? Is that normal? Anyone know if that will happen when we upload it for real to our website at work?


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Steve Gannon

Videos implemented in Storyline can be paused/resumed by clicking on them when the .story file is previewed or published. If the video has finished playing, clicking on it will start the video over. The user can see that the video is clickable because the mouse pointer changes from an arrow to a hand pointer. The way I get around this in modules where I don't want this built in feature is to draw a rectangle over the video, remove the border of the rectangle, and set the fill of the rectangle to 99% transparent. Just be sure the rectangle is above the video when viewing the list of objects on the timeline.

As far as quality goes on your website, I can't say other than to give it a try.

Nancy Woinoski

Hi Fiona - Steve's suggestion is stop on - I am thinking that maybe you are only having this issue with one video because of the order of the objects on your timeline. If the video is at the top then it will be clickable.

The quality issue is odd - Storyline does tend to degrade video when published but if it looked ok on your computer then it should look ok when viewing from tempshare (assuming you are using the same computer for the viewing).

When you say that it looked good when you published on your computer did you publish or just preview? The preview tends to look better than the published output.

The only thing that I can suggest is to check the quality settings on the publish screen and maybe up the video setting and then publish again.

Fiona  Telford-Sharp

Thanks. I had thought of the idea of putting a transparent shape over the video to stop it being clicked on - I tried it with a hotspot as well, and it works just fine. I had then wondered if there might be complications with that which hadn't occurred to me, so it's good to hear that's a solution other people use.

I did publish, not just preview it, on my work computer and the picture resolution was fine, so it's weird that it's like that on the temp share. Oh well, I think I am out of time to fiddle round with republishing all the videos.

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