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May 02, 2014

I'm a new Storyline user.  I just did a screen recording, added it to a slide, trimmed the video to where I wanted it to end, and ended the timeline at that point.  Set up a trigger to go to the next slide when the timeline ends.

However, published and/or previewed, the video does not end at the correct point.  And, in fact, when I play the end of the video in the timeline, the end of the timeline hits at a different point in the video every time I play it.

Is any sort of "precision" (I'm not talking frame accurate here...within a second would do!) impossible?

Also, is there any way to control how the captured video is encoded?

Thanks for any help.  As I say...  I'm just starting with this software.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Ken,

Welcome to E-Learning Heroes!

First, I'm a little unclear on how you trimmed the video. It's possible you were referring to the Action Fine Tuning feature, but I'm not 100% certain. Is this how you did so? If so, the trimmed portion should be the only portion that plays for that particular slide. 

I'd recommend taking a look at the following tutorial, if you haven't already:

Editing Screen Recordings

It may also depend on the type of screen recording you inserted. Single video and step-by-step videos will function a little differently.

If you're still having trouble with this, please consider sharing your .STORY file here, so we can take a look.


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