A different approach to the Quiz - Can this ONLY be done using variables and freeform questions?


I am building a systems simulation/practice course which requires a pass before users are allowed a login to it.

I would really like to intersperse quiz questions throughout the course, after relevant learning point(s) and have a Progress screen available as a link in the Player Tab, Topbar right. 

This is so the learner can access it at any point through the course, to monitor progress overall and should they so wish, clear all the answers so they can redo them.

Alternatively, if they are happy with their progress, they can close the lightbox Progress screen pop-up and just continue.

When they have then completed the last (10th question with, yes you guessed it, 10 points for each answer :) ) question, it creates the result, but does NOT submit it and does not LOCK the answers down.

i.e. where they got something wrong, it doesn't show them the correct answers (so review doesn't work here), but allows them to change their answers.

However, I was also hoping correct answers couldn't be changed (although not the end of the world if there isn't a way to do it).

Lastly (yes, I am not asking for too much, now, am I?!), would there be some way of using the jump to slide action against a button on the Results screen and variables to allow a user to work through just the questions which have a score of zero, with each NEXT taking them to the next zero scored answer (remembering that my questions are interspersed through the course)?


So in Summary:

  1. Interspersed questions with a Progress lighbox charting the progress of those questions, without locking the questions
  2. On the Results screen, at the end, to NOT submit automatically, but have a manual Submit button and until that is selected NOT lock the questions down, but still show PASS/FAIL status
  3. If possible, only allow them to correct INCORRECT answers, but at the minimum all answers are able to be changed
  4. A method for the user to work through only all of the INCORRECT answers, from a button on the Results screen.   Selecting the button takes the user to the first incorrect answer, I'm not sure how the rest of the navigation could work... !!

If this can only be done with Variables, would this be the existing quiz score ones or a completely separate set or a combination of two sets?

I am not really clear on how these work and relate to locking the questions, compared with some earlier work I did with Variables from the tutorials.


Hoping someone can steer me in the right direction.  Thanks for reading and sorry for the waffly nature of my query.

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David Jordan

ah, the submission to LMS would pose an interesting problem. Im thinking when the custom submit button is clicked it will go to another scene that has a quiz generated by SL2, there would be a series of triggers that would populate the answers to each question automatically based on what the user input during the interactive portion. May have to click a submit button again at the end of that scenario, may not, not sure yet :)

Steve Blackwell

This is excellent for single answer multiple choice questions.  Can this also apply to multiple answer multiple choice, drag & drop and hotspots too?

I have to admit to being rather bamboozled by your actions.  Although I can see the variables at work, it may take me a while to unpick and apply the knowledge!

Impressive that you did this in less than 2 hours.  Thanks very much.

David Jordan

Multiple answer is definitely a possibility, you'd just have to add in those scenarios when it checks if the answer is correct. Drag n drop would be a whole 'nother issue. 

I dont think so for hotspot. There would need to be a "object in region" condition in the triggers, and i dont think there is. 

of course the normal quiz builder does offer all those question types, just without the review customization.