A Drag and Drop that changes object states

Sep 19, 2014

Hi Community!

Here's what I'm up to, and I'm hoping someone has a good idea of how to guide me:

I have three big categories (let's call them buckets).

Each of those buckets has three drag-objects that correspond to it.

So, three targets (buckets), nine total drag items.

I want to let the users place all nine drag items, and then click Submit (or an equivalent) that then changes the state of each correctly placed drag-item. So, anything that has been dragged onto it's correct bucket will change to green, or whatever color I choose for that "correct" state.

I'm trying to do this so I can have more granularity than the Correct/Incorrect feedback that the standard Drag and Drop interaction offers. That is, when I use that interaction, when people miss only one item, the entire question is Incorrect. I'd like them to know which parts are right and which aren't.

I'm also interested in giving point values to correct placements. That way, in a later iteration I can compare the scores folks get...maybe have some fun competition from it.

Anyway, I hope this makes sense.

if you have any ideas, please let me know!



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George Tuft

OK...so I figured it out.

If anyone is interested:

I created nine variables (one for each of the drag-objects) and set their initial values to FALSE.

I created a TRIGGER on each drag-item that changed it's variable to TRUE if it gets dragged to the proper target.

Then I created a SUBMIT button, and I created nine TRIGGERS on that one button, each with a condition that changed the state of the individual drag-object if that particular drag-object's variable were equal to TRUE,

Good times were had by all.

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