A Few Questions for Those Who Dare

Jun 07, 2017

These ought to be fairly basic.  But I can't seem to figure them out.  And yes, I am new to articulate:

1.  What is the airspeed velocity ..... (okay scratch that).  Layers -- Why is that sometimes I can turn a layer on and off and other times, once selected I can't seem to shut it off?    I sometimes have correct and incorrect feedback dialogue boxes that obscure my base layer.  Annoying.

2.  Once you have input a slide, how can you tell what kind of slide it is?  Specifically, I am using graded questions in a test, and then I am also using ungraded review questions.  From the different types of slides you can insert, once inserted how can you tell what type they are (Survey or Freeform, or etc.?)  I am asking this because some of my questions that I thought were not graded are now appearing to be graded and it is messing up my feedback when reviewing results after seeing the Results slide when taking the graded test.

Thanks to anyone who chooses to answer.


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Quality1 Winchester

Oops -- one more question:  I have a 20 question test and then it ends with a results slide that tells you what percentage you got on the test.  At that point you can review your answers and see what specific question(s) you got right or wrong and what the correct response should have been.  I have noticed that when I use this review function there is often additional feedback shown on the slide.  Where can I find that actual text so I can edit it / revise it if necessary?


Thanks again!

Kristen Hayden Safdie

I can take on #2.

Blank: The Question Tools menu doesn't appear. The triggers are only "Jump to next slide" and "Jump to previous slide.

Graded Question: The Question Tools menu appears with the following fields: Feedback, Shuffle, Score, and Attempts. Crucially for your issue, you can also select the results slide. If you don't want a slide to appear on your results slide, you can use this drop-down. This type of slide will also have two layers automatically in addition the base layer: Correct and Incorrect feedback.

Survey Question: The Question Tools menu appears and the fields are Feedback (default is None), Shuffle, Require, and Results Slide.

For your last question, if you switch to Form View there is a Post-quiz review field all the way at the bottom. Is the text in there?

Leslie McKerchie

Hello Quality1!

ThinkGeek has a great shirt related to that question, so your post made me laugh out loud by the way.

When you mention not being able to turn your layers on/off - is this while you are working within Storyline?  Be sure that you have the base layer selected (and not an actual layer) for this to work consistently.

In the attached gif - notice I cannot turn off the layer when I have it selected, but if I go to the base layer I can turn both off as expected:

Looks like Kristen grabbed #2 :)

For your additional question, take a look at the Feedback at the bottom of the screen when you are in Form View.

You will see a special field just for that:

Hope that helps!!

Quality1 Winchester

Thank you for the responses!  I did check my "post-quiz review" fields and there is no text in them, but .... when I use the REVIEW QUIZ function at the end of a test I am seeing some type of text that looks like it is being generated by Storyline.  Trouble is, I can't see where to modify it or remove it.  (See Attached.)

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