A few questions from a newcomer!

Hi guys! my name is Tim Clark and I've just started my Articulate Storyline journey. I'd like to start by saying this really does look like an awesomely vibrant community as well as a great source of information.If I may, I have a few questions to ask you all.

Firstly, is there any way of being able to disable the ability to pause video footage?

Secondly, is it possible to pause/resume audio or video footage when using a Lightbox function?

If this is a repost I apologise in advance but any help or links to relevant forum entries would be a big help!



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Emily Ruby

Hello Tim, and Welcome to Heroes!

As far as pausing the video, I assume you are inserting a video from a file? You should be able to add a transparent shape over the item, or a hotspot, and this will stop users form clicking on the video itself and pausing it. Also, you can remove the video controls.

When using a lightbox slide trigger on a slide with media, it should pause when the lightbox slide is triggerd.