A Few Questions re: SL Navigation

Hi --

I"m working on a series of Compliance Courses and have a few questions. I appreciate any and all responses, feedback, etc.

Thank you!


1.      Is it possible to set the course navigation so that all slides, including quiz questions, must be viewed in order?  And then, on additional navigation through the course, they can view the screens in any order (this wouldn’t be the case for the quiz)?

2.      Can you set-up a screen so that user can’t click “next” until they’ve clicked on all the “click-on” interactions on the screen?

3.       Is it possible to add a “Review Course” button on a Quiz Results slide, if they don’t pass the Quiz?  That button would then direct them to the beginning of the Course.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Greg,

Yes to all your questions - and here's the specifics:

1. You'll want to look into the Navigation from the menu, and set it to Restricted. You'll also want to know that if you have the prev/next buttons enabled,  users will still be able to click those to move forward and backward in your course at will. To prevent that, there are a few things you can do:

  • One approach is to remove the Previous and/or Next buttons from specific slides by changing the Slide Properties. Then, either make the slide advance automatically (which you can also do in the Slide Properties), or create your own Previous and/or Next buttons and use the Timeline to delay the buttons' appearance until the slide is finished playing.

Or, to answer question 2:

Another approach is to add a condition to the Next button's trigger, so that the button works only if a specific condition is met (such as the slide timeline ending). For more on how to add conditions to your triggers, see this tutorial.

Lastly, the Review Quiz element can be added within your Results slide. When you enabled it, you'll see some triggers automatically generated and you can determine there which slide you would like the Review quiz button to jump to.