A Full List Storyline Variables

Please can someone here please Articulate to make available to the community a full list of all the variables that can be accessed and altered.
I read in several blogs people replying to this request here with the standard reply “there are no system vars….” And clearly as below there are some!
curslide = story.allSlides[player.slideIndex].title;
Many thanks

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Brant Duckett

Hi Angie!

Thanks for reaching out :) Not sure why these variables are kept on the DL by Articulate, Adobe Captivate has a full list of internal and system variables available for users. Happy to pass on what I discovered after some playing around in SL360, but don’t know if it’s the same in SL3.

The Triggers window tool bar contains the Variables button. The Variables dialog box has a tab named Built-In, which lists the available internal variables, screenshot attached. Menu.SlideTitle inserts only the titles that appear in the player’s menu feature; Project.SlideTitle inserts the slide title regardless of menu inclusion. When using the variables in a text box, suround them with percentage signs like this %Project.SlideTitle%

Hope this helps, Angie!

Patrick Finnegan

Here's a hack that works for me.

- Create a new slide.
- On the Insert tab, click Reference. This shows you a list of all variables on the slide.
- Choose the "Built-in" tab on that dialog box. This displays a list of all built-in variables.

You can also search those variables, for example, to find all Project or Scene variables

The advantage to this solution over other circulated lists is that it is accurate for the version you are currently working on.