A Fun "Game" to Test CyberSecurity Knowledge

I recently built a Storyline 360 course to augment our company's CyberSecurity training with a fun "Hollywood Squares"-type game. We wanted to encourage our users to respond with the correct question, so while we didn't have a true quiz, the course was a fun way to refresh the students' understanding.

Since I wanted a specific "winning" result, the game is slightly different than Hollywood Squares where you would select a celebrity and then agree or disagree with their answer. Instead, in this version, the user hovers over the celebrity answers, selects the correct answer, then clicks submit. If they are right, they continue to the next question and the square is covered; if they are wrong, they can try again. Some of the wrong answers are quite funny - and the names of each celebrity is amusing as well. I hope you enjoy this course as much as I did creating it.

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