A funny thing happened on the way to the server....

I recently published (for the web) a SL1  eLearning and had something very frustrating happen that I'm hoping someone may have an explanation for. At one point in the eLearning( slide 3.1) when you click on a button, you are taken to another slide in another scene (slide 10.1). Once you have viewed all the content on that slide (base with 2 layers) you are taken back to the previous slide (3.1). The project playes back pefectly locally on my PC. When I upload it to our CMS it plays perfectly except when you press the button to go to 10.1. Then the timer icon comes up and it just churns away never going to 10.1. I fixed the problem after many different configurations and triggers by taking all the content from 10.1 and placing it into additional layers on 3.1. I originally had 10.1 as a lightbox and that did not work well either. Same endless wait. There is nothing terribly big about the content on 10.1. We're talking about 6 png files and the rest is text, shapes and 3 audio files. Is there something about the way SL streams that could cause this?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

When referring to the timer, do you mean the loading icon or a quiz timer shows up? Have you tested outside your CMS to see if it's something specific to how that's loading the content? you could try one of the web servers mentioned in this article.  Here is a description of how Storyline loads content, so I'd think it would be working ok.