A layer atop a layer

Mar 30, 2016

Okay, I swear I hope THIS is the last question from my client's revised requirements (sent to me after all the work was done). 

I have a slide with six icons. Clicking each icon shows an associated layer. Each layer needs to have a closed-caption, which previously was on its own slide. You click the closed-caption icon and the closed-caption layer appears. Now, with layers instead of slides for each topic associated with an icon, I need to have the closed-caption layer appear atop the topic layer, but ONLY the closed-caption layer, while the timeline of the first layer continues to play. Here's the sequence:

Click icon 1
See topic layer 1
Click CC icon
Closed-caption 1 plays atop topic layer 1
Layer is hidden when timeline ends, returning to base slide
Click icon 2
See topic layer 2
Click CC icon
Closed-caption  2 plays atop topic layer 2
Layer is hidden when timeline ends, returning to base slide
And so on...

Is this possible?

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David Tait

Hi Shel, yes this is possible and if I've understood your problem correctly this is how I would solve it.

In the Slide Layer Properties, you'll first need to uncheck the option to Hide other slide layers on your CC layer, and possibly on your topic layer too.

Next, you'll need to create two triggers on the CC layer, arrange the triggers in this order:

  1. Hide this layer when timeline on CC layer ends
  2. Hide topic layer when timeline on CC layer ends.

This should return you to the base layer.

Rinse and repeat for the other topics.



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