A Layer Within a Layer

I am using the Harmony set and working with the "Labels Layout" slide and the "Timeline" slide.  Basically. I want to include elements of the labels slide onto the timeline slide, but the timeline slide is a bunch of layers; the labels slide is also a series of layers.  Essentially, I am attempting to add three additional layers to one of the layers on the timeline slide.

When I looked at the original labels slide, I notice that when I click title 1 to change the image on the cell phone, the buttons for titles 2-4 remained.  On my slide, when the user clicks title 1 , the buttons for titles 2 and 3 are gone...  Help!

I have attached my whole project unfortunately.  Thank you!  Note: Slide 1.6 is the slide in question.

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Jeff Forrer

If you want to keep Title 1, 2 and 3 labels always up, then uncheck the "Hide other slide layers" option on the Slide Layer Properties for layers: Title 1, Title 2 and Title 3. 

You will then need to add two triggers to each of those layers to hide the other two when not selected.  For example, if they click Title 1, then when that layer is shown, hide layer Title 2 and hide layer Title 3.  Do the same for Title 2 and Title 3.

Ross Mulligan

Hi Jeff,

Thanks, that solved my initial problem, but I now have a question about that big bottom timeline.  That's the heart of how to navigate around all the layers of this slide.  I need the user to be able to get back out of the 1960s and move to the 1970s after reading the last title; I have also renamed those to not be "title" anymore.  How do I ensure that timeline show up on that inner layer of 1960?  It's there when I click 1960 initially, but not once I start clicking each individual year within 1960.

Jeff Forrer

Hello.  Sorry I am not seeing that behavior.  You said it is not there when you click the three individual buttons which take you to the other layers.  You mean it disappears, is there and you can't click it, or both?

Assure that you don't have anything checked on the Slide Layer Properties for each layer, Title 1, Title 2 and Title 3.