A list of several bugs/lacks i found in Storyline

Jan 20, 2013

Hello everybody,

after a month of hard developing, testing etc. on Storyline features, these are some bugs i found about the software. Some of them are really annoying when developing:

- "past in place" feature is missing (or maybe i couldn't find it) really annoying when have to arrange copy of item alligned.

- no table feature, so i.e. when copying from powerpoint a table explode and loses his arrangement of content. Very bad lack, table is one of the most important feature present in html to arrange certain kind of data, how can it be missing?

- undo features often doesn't work correctly and the process ignore the last steps and makes undo just for many step before.

- seeking bar not blockable. ok, it is called "seekbar" for a reason, and if present should be clickable etc etc... i have read this from you a lot of time. But the most common request for LMS developing is to block the forwarding, by NOT allowing users to skip ahed clicking on seekbar, but at the same time having an instriment to see how the progress of slide is going, so we can call it "progress bar", something not clickable.

- very very poor animation features (not possible to tween using a flip from a direction just shifting from a certain amount of pixels instead out of screen)

- no masking features (just shape masking on picture, very poor)

- no emboss filter

- no blur filter

- no color control filter

- no way to make transparent text

- no way to control the shadow on text (colour, size, etc.)

- too poor control on lines-distance in paragraph (1, 1.5, 2 ...frustrating)

- shape masking on pictures often causes fuzzy effect on some side of picture (a 1px line appear on bottom or right of the result)

missing feature for file size reduction by checking unused elements previously deleted (this is really really bad)

- missing a cyclic glowing animation effect for buttons (something similar to markers). This is by far the most visible effect to make urser notice an element to be clicked.

- preview mode differs sightly in transparence on items and font rendering

- when duplicating a slide, a default trigger is always added (jump to next slide when user clicks the next button) this is not always desired, expecially if you trigger navigation using variables

- when scaling 2 items togheter, proportions are not followed correctly

- scaling objects to allign to other objects borders do not work in many circumstances (i.e. simple rectangular pictures)

making bold a numbered list in note tab, does not make bold the last number.

- when grouping objects and applying animations to single items of groups, animation by paragraph does not work well.

- when locking a level, if you want to select an item beneath the blocked level, if the object on the blocked level is bigger and cover the item beneath, you cannot select it. (so unuseless)

and so on....

that is a pity because this software has big features and potentials, but from animation and graphic point of view, it is faaaaaaar away from flash....

please let me have your comment and corrections about my first considerations, thanks

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Steve Flowers

Hi, Zio - 

Agree with all and I would expect we're not alone. A couple of things:

  1. Definitely put these in as feature requests. The Articulate team really does read those and critical mass drives changes. I've put several of them in myself. The more the better.
  2. Early on, I had an expectation that the tool would do everything my tools of choice (including Flash) would. I was a little disappointed in the level of support for things I had come to expect in tools that I've been using for over a decade. After thinking about it I came to a couple of conclusions: A) It's a version 1 tool. For version 1, it's doing pretty well even if it's not keeping up with some features of tools that have a bit of a head-start and B) The tool focuses on features that support a reasonably usable and approachable toolbox. The tool wasn't necessarily built for the "forensic developer". 

I still miss some of my old toolsets but I don't use Storyline exclusively. I tend to do graphic work in tools that do that really well (Fireworks, Photoshop, and Illustrator). I'm also getting into the habit of building complex animations in other tools, some of which output to video. This seems to be a more future-proof way of encapsulating visual compositions. Would I love to have a single tool that did everything at the top of the game? Sure. But I don't think it's a realistic expectation

Phil Mayor

Agree, with all, you can scale objects together if you group then ungroup after scaling otherwise all needed features

Don't think it was ever intended to replace flash, but for v1 software it is insanely feature rich. 

I keep noticing next triggers appearing at the moment not sure if they are bugs but I cannot work out why. 

Zio Fonta

another one: trying to loop an audio using a trigger (play media when the same media completes), result in bad loop. some delay occurs before playing again the track. and there is no way to adjust volume with a volume line controller as in flash, to control i.e. a fade in or fade out in the sound editor. and you cannot make a timeline shorter then a audio track, you are forced to cut the audio track (and you can't go back...) aaaaaaa frustrating!

Phil Mayor

Zio Fonta said:

i really would have switched to Adobe Presenter that is fully integrated in Powerpoint (it integrates as another tool inside Powerpoint) , but (due to Powerpoint native missing timeline) there is a really poor control over timing events.

To be honest, with the list you have found for Storyline you would have been really disappointed with Adobe Presenter, it has not been updated with new feature for nearly 4 years.  

I can understand the desire for more features but most of what you have found has been well documented.  The other thing is we are not tied to one tool you can use whatever you want.

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