A little Likert help?

Jul 22, 2015

Hello all,

I'm a rookie with Likert, and need to understand how it reports results to an LMS. Our course includes a Likert slide with four simple questions, each with four possible answers (Never, Sometimes, Usually, Always). These answers are numbered 1-4.

Our client would like to get the survey results of each learner, and I'm hoping the reporting functionality will provide what he's looking for. However, because of my unfamiliarity with this, I don't know what data is reported to the LMS from the Likert questions, how it's done, or if we can provide what the client is seeking.

We've created the question slide, and have it linked to a results slide, which in turn reports to the LMS (supposedly)...but in some preliminary tests on the LMS, I don't see any data from the Likert questions. I'm assuming it's pilot error...

Anybody out there feel like helping out a Likert newbie? Much appreciated!

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