A more elegant way to show current link selection?

Mar 27, 2014

Hello all!

I've been building a slide that uses a lot of triggers and states - the user will be able to hover the mouse over a portion of the image (one of the states) and have it highlight to indicate it's selectable, and then click on that portion of the image to reveal a layer with more information on the item they selected.

My question to everyone is this: I want the selected portion of the image to remain highlighted (it will still be visible when the layer appears), and then disappear when the user selects a different layer.  Is there an elegant way of doing this that doesn't involve creating two dozen (more) trigger states?

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Regina,

I may not be understanding your set up - but I created a simple file, where clicking on the layer 1 button changes the state - and then if I click on the character on layer 1 or the layer 2 button, the state of layer 1's button returns to normal. All is working as expected on this file. If you're setting it up a different way could you share it here with us? 

Regina Burks

Unfortunately the work computers won't let me upload to non-cleared websites too. (Grr.)

I did get to take a look at the file you showed me when I got home though.  I attempted to add the selected + disabled states as I saw in it, but it doesn't behave the same way - it believes it is selected at all times and even attempting to click on it again won't disable the highlight (something it would do without the disabled state added to it).  Would the fact that I'm using a shape, and not a button, make a difference?

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