A Mute or Pause button for background music

May 20, 2014

Hi Heroes!

One of my colleagues has been designing a course around social media, which involves some very funky background music.

Whilst we were doing some user acceptance, we received some user feedback around the music saying that they really liked it, but during some of the questions it was a little distracting. The skin we are using on the module is completely button free, so all navigation controls are turned off as is the volume control.

I threw together a quick Mute/Pause button variable, so that users had the option to listen to the music, but also mute/pause it if they needed some quiet while reading more complex content.  I know there are many ways to achieve the same thing in Storyline, but thought I would share this if someone else can use it as well

Here is a sample of the Mute Button

And here is the raw file if anyone would like to use it.

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Suresh Ramamurthi

Thank you Matt, for providing this example for muting the audio. Is there anyway to mute the audio which will be applied for ''n" number of slides that is included in the source story file. If so, please let me know how to handle such situation.

As the mute or unmute function is applied to that particular slide only in the example provided.

Matt Blackstock

Hi Suresh!

You could activate the mute effect by utilising a variable that storyline references to see whether to pause or play the audio.

Be aware though that SL2 doesn't allow you to play a single audio file across multiple slides, so you may be better off adding and removing your audio on a slide by slide basis to achieve the effect you're after.

It is possible to play an audio file across multiple slides in SL2 with some creative hacking/coding. Check out the following thread:

Background music in Storyline


Franca Grasselli

Hello there. Thanks for this contribution. Still, this is a PAUSE button, not a MUTE, so how could I configure a custom made button to silence a sound or video while it continues running? Should be easy by using a trigger, but I can't find a trigger function like this. * Feature request :-)

I guess I have to do it via variables according to ...

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