a new ST360 update , cool . when will we have real evolutions ?


I have been using ST360 for 1 year. ST360 is a good product but there are no real improvements that would make this product great.The latest versions correct some bugs and the novelties are not very interesting.

- too many clicks to do things . Need to optimize the IHM to build EAO faster et reduce the number of cliks : change the color background and border on the same panel would be better). a lot of software allow you to change the parameters of an object from a single window. we spend our time clicking and cliking  in menus all the time

- easier gradient management for an object. currently it's horrible. it looks like an HMI from the 60s

- no possibility to put a same sound straddling several slides

- there are still bugs in the management of feedback masks (reported 3 times already)

-the power point version today offers more animations (emphase animation for example)

- impossible to copy an object directly in a group

- trigger ! ok  we have "if ......" but why not add the "else " ?

- a real zoom function : possibility of enlarging an object without occupying the entire slide

- a reader whose look can be change as we want to be adapted with our EAO design

- new trigger as for example : increase the level sound, acces to the Table of Contents, pass from a state objet to another one directly (go to next state for example)

- reduce the length of the timeline when there is no object at the end


Sorry for all remarks but I think that with these developments, you would crush the competition and we could do even more beautiful things and especially faster without having to click thousands of times to make our EAOs












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Becca Levan

Hello François,

I appreciate you reaching out to share your thoughts and feedback.

We do have reports for some of the feature you’ve mentioned, such as:

  • The ability to save custom gradient fills
  • Playlist support or audio that can play across slides
  • Reduce the timeline length where there’s no object at the end
  • Emphasis animations

I’ve added you to the list of folks in these requests and will be sure to share the rest of your ideas with our product team as we continue to improve Storyline 360. We’ll jump back into this discussion as we expand our feature set or make any changes!