A problem with Storyline in sony flip vaio

Mar 07, 2014


I just got a new sony vaio flip. It is 15.6" laptop(touch), i7 4th gen, 1T storge, 16GB RAM, resolution

2880 X  1620.

from some reason I can't work, publish, do any thing with storylin.

I treid to reinstall it several times, but nothing is working.

any advise?


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Ran Rubinstein

TheProblem and the solution


Ihave a high resolution screen: 2880 X 1660, so my DPI is about 220, Storylineis working with 96 DPI.


WhatI need to do is to get my DPI to 100 as shown in the picture below - just need to get the scale to 100%:

But it is very hard for me towork in this display, all the items and text are very very small, if you have asolution for I will be glad. For now I need to alternate between the scales,and it is probably a problem that will be greater as users will use highresolution screens.

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