a question about resume course on LMS

HI,we have a some course with Storyline,when we upload them to our LMS and Scorm clound LMS,they are work fine.

But when the course is complete,we exit the course and  resume the course ,if the course have 30 slide,it allways go to the silde 30 and  when resume the course, although we exit course in other silde。

How can we go to the slide which we exit but the last?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Wang,

It may be that the course is in "review mode" once meeting the completion requirement, and you're resuming to where you met the completion requirement instead of where you may have left off. There is a method to modify this behavior detailed here. 

The other option, which if you have more than 30 slides or a lot of information for each slide, the course may be exceeding the suspend data limit as detailed here.