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Apr 17, 2020

I have a course with multiple lessons. After each lesson I need to set up 4-5 checks-on-learning (COL) for students to review the information but I don't want a score to be kept. How do I keep an LMS from trying to keep track of these quiz questions using the Quiz templates. Also, is it possible to do the same thing using the Graded Question templates (they look better) where students take the COL but no score is kept.


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Judy Nollet

Hi, Michael,

There's no rule that says you have to add a Results slide after graded questions. There are things to consider, though, if you want to include graded questions without a Results slide.

What do you want to happen if a learner access a question slide after they've answered it (i.e., if they revisit the slide, either via the built-in Menu or the Prev button)?

  • The default in this situation is that they'd see the slide with their previous answers selected, but they would not be able to change the answers. And they wouldn't see any feedback. The program would include the Prev and Next buttons (not the Submit button).
  • If you wanted them to re-answer the question when they re-visit, change the slide properties to "Reset to initial state."

BTW, if you publish for an LMS and track via Results, Storyline only lets you track 1 Results slide. So even if you included a Results slide at the end of each COL, you could still have the LMS track the Results from the final assessment, if you have one. Or you could track completion via the number of slides viewed or via a completion trigger (even if the course includes Results).  

Michael Frielingsdorf

Judy, thanks so much for the quick reply. So what you are saying is, no results slide no score keeping. Also, if we end up building a more in-depth course your BTW section was most helpful.

This particular course is just an overview for students to take prior to a week long  instructor led course with in depth information. We are not keeping score in this overview. Our goal is to have the students up to speed on what is contained within the week long course. This is so the instructors aren't killing half a day teaching basic information.

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