A real full screen story - still not possible in SL?

Hello folks, 
I am desperately looking for a solution to fix the full screen issue in stories. 
Perhaps not only in my opinion but it really does cost some quality of the final visual effect when the white frames round a 'wanna-be-a-full-screen' slide/story. 

Is there any life-hack on this or a standarized way of setting the story/slide size up so regardless devices applied or browser sizes displaying the course you will see the background fully filled by a color or image ?

I found this one and correct me if I am wrong, but this looks like made in SL?

Any of help will highly be appreciated!


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Jan Zet

Hi, have a look on the attached one. 

The story size is 1920*1080.

In fact I run on a screen that is 2560*1440 but no matter if I change the screen or lower the res to match 1920*1080 the white margins around will always follow. Even in the browser's full screen mode - here it looks slightly better, white margines look thinner, but still, this is not a real full screen as in the Lego example shown above..

Michael Anderson

Jan, save your current player settings, and then load the "Chromeless" player which I've attached. Change the player background color, fix any other player settings like fit to screen, and you should be good to go. The only other thin grey line I saw was the one that exists  within your background image. You'll have to edit that out and re-insert the image. Let me know if you need more explanation on any of these points.

Jan Zet

Michael, thank you for your kind and prompt support!
I can greatly apply your input thus finally enjoy the genuine full screen!

Looks like I start believing in love to SL :) Thanks again.
The only what I am wondering about is whether changing player settings across various slides is possible. This relates to the background colour applied. It would be perfect to could change it. I have for instance some chapter starters/separators that would use dark background and the content slides white. 

Michael Anderson

Jan, I'm happy to hear that worked for you.

If you would like to change the background color of the HTML page on individual slides, you will probably have to add a trigger to each slide (or to the Slide Master used by those slides) which executes the following javascript:

document.bgColor = "#990000";
Jan Zet

Hi again, OMG!
this sounds like the solution to my issue! Can't wait to putting this all together in my final story!

However, for some reasons the ..bgColor does not work in my slide.

Have tested whether I trigger correctly the JS string for the slide and it looks like I do, 
as some other functions work without any issues e.g. alert that i tested

Could it be that some background colour settings inside the player options overrule the JS?

Using your track with the JS,  I tried out another string to play with the background:

document.body.style.background = 'url(image url) no-repeat center center'

which also work greatly and as solving my issue, but what it does it changes the background for ALL slides, not only the one I have triggered - isn't strange ?



Michael Anderson

I tested this in Storyline 3. It looks like the proper javascript is:

document.body.style.background = "white";

Is also looks like once that is changed, it will stay the same for all slides. You can either place a trigger on each slide with its color, or use Slide Masters with triggers on them and assign each of your slides to the proper Slide Master. Let me know if you have any questions.