A rectangle but the shape is of a different shape, can't format


Is there a possible way to create a custom shape or any shape that is not editable in Storyline?

In a Story file that's been passed on to me, there is a shape that the timeline labels as a rectangle although it is shaped like a bucket. I am trying to edit or format this shape, however it just doesn't allow any editing. 

All other shapes can be edited and formatted but when I click this bucket shaped object it doesn't allow any kind of formatting. It makes me wonder how it is possible that a shape cannot be edited at all. 

Any kind of help or feedback would be appreciated.




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Harri C

HI Mark,

Have you tried 'edit state' at all. It sounds like someone originally had a rectangle but then changed it by going into edit states, removing the rectangle shape and inserting a different one. This is often what happens when you want to changes a shape but don't want to risk losing the triggers attached to it.

Hope this helps, if not, could you upload the file and I'll take a look.