A shadow falls....

Oct 28, 2016

Here's a question I hope I can get some help with...

How can I change the defaults for captions? Every new project they come up in blue, and the text is white, with a shadow... I want the caption to be white, a different font, and with no shadow. I can tweak most of this in the 'Format Shape' options, and set as a default shape, but the font won't lose the shadow, so I end up copying one shape into all the slides I want it in, and editing it.

How can I set up a default 'caption' shape to go across projects, in the style I prefer?

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Crystal Horn

Hi there, Paul.  The caption boxes are set to have shadowed text by default, and there isn't a way to change that setting across the board.  It sounds like you use captions a lot and that it would make your life easier to be able to eliminate shadows in your default formatting.

Share your perspective with our product development team!  I've seen this issue come up a few other times in the forums, so it'll be good to add your experience on to their reports.

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