A simple formula for quiz retakes

I’ve digested plenty of useful information here in the discussion forum however, I’d love to be able to use a succinct formula which will provide an ongoing template for executing a simple logic flow for assessment retakes.

My scenario is a simple quiz of 6 questions, all multiple choice, with 100% pass mark. The results slide displays the learner’s score and if they do not achieve 100%, they will automatically be returned to the first question they answered incorrectly and any subsequent incorrect responses (i.e., learner answered only Q1-3 and Q6 correctly, so they will only need to retake Q4 and Q5).

I know there needs to be a combination of variables, conditions and triggers included (and in the correct order) for each respective slide, but can anyone assist with a logic order and structure in which to apply this formula?

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Walt Hamilton

Question 1 slide  Submit Button triggers:

     If (answer is correct) change variable Answer1 to True

      Submit interaction

Retry layer Try Again Button triggers:

      Hide this layer when user clicks

     Jump to Question 1 slide when user clicks if Answer1 is not true

    Jump to Question 2 slide when user clicks if Answer2 is not true

You must have a jump to each of the 6 slide here, in case the user only misses question 6.


Question 1 Slide triggers:

           Jump to Question 2 slide when timeline starts if Answer1 is true

           Jump to Question 2 slide when timeline starts if Answer2 is  true

           Jump to Question 3 slide when timeline starts if Answer3 is  true etc.



Question 2 Slide triggers:

           Jump to Question 2 slide when timeline starts if Answer2 is  true

           Jump to Question 3 slide when timeline starts if Answer3 is  true  etc.


This is the simplest method. If you have experience with conditions and program logic, you will be able find several shorter methods, but this will work.

Still, Sheena's suggestion may be the easiest method; deal with each question individually.


Wendy Farmer

Hi Walt

I started playing with this late last night - issue comes in how the results are calculated.

First run through - 2correct, retry quiz (reset results), skips questions 1,2 and goes to q3 - all good but when you get to result slide it only tabulates the last four.

if you don't reset results on retry you can't click to make changes on the incorrect slides...

With your design are they not reaching the result slide before returning to try again?

I wasn't sure of Dean's setup if he had try again per question or at end of quiz. Interesting to know how it will work :-)

Dean A. North

Thanks Walt for the detail.

I've added my story file here to allow a detailed look.

You'll see some of the work I've done around this already. As for allowing unlimited attempts...this is fine, but my aim is to avoid sending them back to questions already answered correctly. As this is only 6 questions, its easy enough, but for longer quizzes this would mean no time savings for the learner.

Wendy Farmer

Hi Dean

I've made a few updates to your file so if you get the first three correct it skips to Q4 - the issue is you can't click to change the answers because the of the current reset results trigger you have.

This was the issue I had in the sample file I was trying to do for you.  Reset results zeros it back so the user can start again - it doesn't hold onto the correct 30 points from the first three correct answers and then adds on the second round.


Dean A. North

Hi Wendy, thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

As you mentioned, you cannot adjust the incorrect responses due to the results trigger I had in place. I've inserted the trigger you suggested and still the responses cannot be changed. Is this trigger being impeded by something else? Even when I adjust the number of attempts, this does not allow for a reselection when the user revisits the incorrect question.

I'm happy to reset the score back to 0 if this 'allows' for the user to reselect each incorrect response. Is this possible or can you suggest a better approach?

Wendy Farmer

Hi Dean

you can reset back to 0 but that means for all questions so the ones they got correct will need to be attempted again - that sort of defeats the purpose of what you are trying to do.

I know exactly what you are trying to do - is this a marked assessment with a score that will be noted in an LMS or do you just want the user to attempt each question and then be presented with a 'great work this is how you went' slide?